It’s all interesting.

This blog is a long time coming. For years, I’ve threatened to write. Write a book. Write a magazine article. Write a blog. Know what kept me from actually doing it? I find it all interesting. See, I find everything and everyone in this world so interesting, and I mean everything and everyone.  Dancing, birds, the internet, Democrats, advertising, Africa, country music, Russian history, holistic heath, education, Netflix, photography, The Bachelor, Mozart, Republicans, small towns, big cities…I could go on and on and on…


In fact, I find everything and everyone so interesting that I could never decide what or who to write about. How could I choose? You see my dilemma. I finally just decided not to decide. As author Barbara Sher puts it, “Refuse to Choose.” Yeah, Barbara, I’m stepping out, and I REFUSE TO CHOOSE! And this blog will be my celebration of all things and all people, as I have experienced them, see them now, and imagine them in the future.

Here goes…


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