A “Tail” of Two Dogs.

There are two very important dogs in my life. Bo is our 9-year-old Bichon. Tully is my oldest daughter, Meredith’s, 5-year-old miniature golden doodle. There are many things about these two to share with you, but let’s start with the introductions:



  • Birth date: 8/21/08
  • Purebred Bichon Frise (more in a future post)
  • Prince of all Princes in the house
  • Allergic to humans, wool, maple tress and dust (more in a future post)
  • Is a Cat/Dog: “I will allow you to hang out with me, but it’s on my terms.
  • Has never done anything by the “book.” You know those dog books.
  • Sleeps til 9 or whenever you make him get up
  • Is completely oblivious to T.V.
  • Cardinals fan.



  • Birth date: 10/16/12
  • Golden Doodle
  • Poodle- brown, Golden retriever.
  • Prince of all Princes in the house
  • Has seizures, still investigating?
  • Is the cuddliest, most sensitive,emotional dog I have ever seen.
  • Has the sweetest temperament, but a most intimidating bark.
  • Gets up way too early.
  • Watches TV, especially passionate about animal shows.
  • Kansas City Chiefs fan.